Body of Elderly Woman Missing From Nursing Home Found

Posted by PKSD New Mexico Law Firm on March 26, 2024 in Nursing Home Neglect

image waist down an elderly woman using a walker outsideAn elderly woman went missing from Las Soleras Senior Living Center on a Friday evening in March. Esther Barnes, a woman in her late 90s, managed to leave the facility and wander away without being noticed by anyone.

Santa Fe police department utilized a drone to help with its search efforts. A search party, which included members of her family, were also out looking for Ester. Sadly, she was not found in time. Her granddaughter, Katie Cobleigh, said they discovered her body just a mile from the facility.

According to a report in Santa Fe New Mexican, police believe Esther likely died from exposure. She was out in the cold and snow for over 36 hours.

Cobleigh said her grandmother did not deserve to die in this way. “She was an amazing woman.”

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