Understaffing Issues In Nursing Homes

person with cane needing helpThe ratio of staff to residents is critical to the quality of care provided. A study performed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a branch of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, found significant connections between lower levels of nurse staffing and lower levels of care.

Understaffing is often a problem linked to poor care. This is just one reason to be concerned and stay informed about the number of staff members available to care for your loved one.

In New Mexico, the minimum staffing requirements are based on the number of residents in a facility. Additionally, more staff members are required to be working during waking hours than during normal resident sleeping hours. For instance, facilities must ensure there is at least one direct care staff person for every 15 residents. That individual must remain on duty and fully awake throughout their shift.

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If you or your loved one is the victim of any type of nursing home abuse or neglect, it is vital that you report it to the authorities and seek legal help immediately. Our experienced New Mexico nursing home attorneys are prepared to hold the at-fault parties accountable for their actions. Our firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of the elderly and recovering compensation for injuries they suffered while living in a nursing home.

Taking legal action against an abusive or negligent nursing home is one of the best ways to raise awareness. It can also help to improve the quality of care for your loved one and other victims who have been victims of nursing home abuse/negligence.

At PKSD, we are dedicated to preventing negligence and abuse from occurring in nursing homes. Our New Mexico nursing home negligence attorneys are experts in this complicated area of the law, and work relentlessly to hold nursing homes accountable.

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